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Hárslevelű: Hungarian classic in South Africa

Hárslevelű is a Hungarian grape variety with a long tradition at Lemberg Estate from South Africa and these wines can be purchased online at valleygrapes.

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Lemberg Lady Blend 2021



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Hárslevelű: The hidden treasure of the Hungarian wine world

Hárslevelű, a noble and versatile grape variety from Hungary, often remains a hidden treasure in the world of wine. With its unique flavors, rich history and ability to produce complex wines, Hárslevelű deserves more recognition. Although less common in South Africa, Hárslevelű has gained importance in recent years. Some South African winemakers are experimenting with growing this grape variety, producing wines that will be appreciated by connoisseurs looking for unusual and exciting wines.

Origin and history

Originally from Hungary, Hárslevelű has a long history dating back to the 15th century. The grape variety has long been an important part of the Hungarian wine industry and was used to make noble sweet wines such as Tokaji. Despite its history, Hárslevelű is less known internationally than other grape varieties.

Cultivation and terroir

Hárslevelű grows best in temperate climates with calcareous soils. Terroir plays a crucial role in developing this wine's characteristic flavors, with regions with hilly terrain and good drainage being particularly suitable. The grape variety requires careful care in the vineyard to develop its full potential.

Growing locations

Hárslevelű is mainly grown in Hungary, particularly in the Tokaj and Somló wine regions. These regions are known for their unique terroirs and the ideal climate for growing this grape variety. In addition, Hárslevelű is also grown in other countries such as Slovakia and Romania, although on a smaller scale.

Sensory characteristics

A glass of Hárslevelű reveals a wealth of aromas that can range from honey and peach to floral notes of lime blossom. The wines are often full-bodied and elegant, with a balanced acid structure and a long, persistent finish.

Food pairing

Hárslevelű is a versatile wine that goes well with a variety of foods. It goes particularly well with spicy dishes, Asian cuisine, grilled fish, mild cheeses and desserts such as crème brûlée. It is also an excellent choice as an aperitif or with light starters.


Hárslevelű remains a hidden treasure of the Hungarian wine world, thanks to its unique flavors, rich history and diverse nature. Their rich heritage, deep connection to terroir and ability to produce wines of remarkable elegance and complexity make them an indispensable part of the wine world. Enjoying a glass of Hárslevelű is not only an act of enjoyment, but also a journey through the history and aromas of this extraordinary grape variety.

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