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Chenin Blanc: unique white wines from South Africa

Chenin Blanc, also known as “Steen” in South Africa , is a versatile grape variety . At valleygrapes you can buy Chenin Blanc from various wineries.

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Manley Chenin Blanc 2021

5.0 (2)


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€15,87per l

GROOT TULBAGH Chenin Blanc 2023

Tulbagh Winery


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€11,87per l

Saronsberg Earth in Motion 2023



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€16,67per l

Lemberg Chenin Blanc 2022 - valleygrapes
Sold out

Lemberg Chenin Blanc 2022



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€13,20per l

Manley Chenin Blanc Reserve 2021 - valleygrapes
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Manley Chenin Blanc Reserve 2021



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€21,20per l

Chenin Blanc - The versatility of South African gold

From fresh, fruity white wines to sweet dessert wines, Chenin Blanc offers a wide range of styles and flavors. Chenin Blanc has gained special prominence in South Africa and has become one of the country's leading white wine varieties. South African Chenin Blanc wines are characterized by their freshness, fruitiness and versatility and have firmly established themselves on the national and international market.

Origin and history

Originally from southwest France, Sauvignon Blanc has a long history dating back to the 18th century. The grape variety is closely linked to the famous Bordeaux region, where it has been used for centuries to make dry white wines. Over time, Sauvignon Blanc has spread to many parts of the world and has become one of the most famous and widely cultivated white wine varieties.

Cultivation and terroir

Chenin Blanc grows best in temperate climates with well-drained soil. Terroir plays a crucial role in developing the characteristic flavors of this wine, with regions with calcareous soils and a temperate climate being particularly suitable. The grape variety is adaptable and can be successfully grown in various wine-growing regions.

Growing locations

South Africa is home to some of the best Chenin Blanc wines in the world and has established itself as a leading producer of the grape variety. Regions such as Stellenbosch, Swartland and Tulbagh are known for their high quality Chenin Blanc wines, prized by winemakers striving for elegance and sophistication.

Sensory characteristics

A glass of Chenin Blanc reveals a wealth of flavors that can range from fresh citrus and green apples to subtle floral notes and hints of honey. The wines are often lively and refreshing, with a crisp acid structure and a pleasant, long finish.

Food pairing

Chenin Blanc is a versatile wine that goes well with a variety of foods. It goes particularly well with seafood, poultry, salads, light pasta dishes and mild cheeses. It is also an excellent choice as an aperitif or with light starters.


Chenin Blanc remains one of the most fascinating and versatile grape varieties in the world, thanks to its freshness, fruitiness and adaptability. Their rich heritage, deep connection to terroir and ability to produce wines in a variety of styles and flavors make them an indispensable part of the wine world. Enjoying a glass of Chenin Blanc is not only an act of enjoyment, but also a journey of discovery through the diversity and aromas of this remarkable grape variety.

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