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Saronsberg: award-winning wines from South Africa

You can bring the variety of unique Saronsberg wines from South Africa home and buy them quickly and easily at valleygrapes online .

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Saronsberg Earth in Motion 2023



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€16,67per l

Saronsberg Shiraz Rosé 2023



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€14,53per l

Saronsberg Shiraz 2020



Unit price
€46,53per l

Saronsberg Sauvignon Blanc 2023



Unit price
€19,87per l

Saronsberg Seismic 2019



Unit price
€27,87per l

Saronsberg Full Circle 2020



Unit price
€79,33per l

Saronsberg Viognier 2020



Unit price
€30,00per l

Saronsberg Provenance Shiraz 2019



Unit price
€25,20per l

Saronsberg: award-winning wines from South Africa

Nestled in the picturesque Tulbagh Valley in South Africa you will find the striking architecture of the Saronsberg Cellar. The cellar is a modern building with a beautifully decorated tasting room for the excellent wines. Earthy textures are combined with contemporary accents in this spacious area, from which visitors can look into both the high-tech fermentation cellar and the maturation cellar. The view of the Saronsberg from the meadow in front of the cellar is reflected in the water of a dam, on the edge of which there is a 2.5 m high sculpture by the renowned artist Angus Taylor.

History of the winery

The farm was originally part of the beautiful and historic Twee Jonge Gezellen (TJG) until it was split between the two Krone brothers in the 1950s. Waveren and Welgegund, which lie on either side of TJG, were acquired in 2002 and renamed after the dominant mountain on whose slopes some of their vines are found: Saronsberg. Immediate construction of a wine cellar was not part of the original plan, but a wildfire two months after taking over the farm meant that the original strategy of gradually replanting the vineyards had to be reconsidered. Although the farm's best vineyards were saved, a more vigorous planting program was initiated in 2003. This led to new winegrowing methods being consistently implemented. On January 25, 2004, Saronsberg's winemaking history officially began with the harvest of the first Sauvignon Blanc grapes - a momentous occasion celebrated two weeks later with a harvest party, and again the following year when Saronsberg collected numerous awards for the 2004 vintage .

Viticulture and terroir

Saronsberg consists of two parts (Waveren and Welgegund), which extend from the middle of the valley to Saronsberg. The two furthest points suitable for viticulture are about four kilometers apart and in two different microclimates. The soils of the Saronsberg can be roughly divided into three categories depending on the location:

• Mountain foothills (Welgegundhof am Saronsberg)
• Deposited boulders and sandy-loamy alluvial soils (Waveren Farm around the Klein Berg River); And
• Middle Valley Shale (Waveren Farm towards the middle of the Tulbagh Valley)

Saronsberg's team of winemakers are passionate about every aspect of the winemaking process, which is quite unique and labor-intensive. First, the grapes are forced cooled immediately after harvest to preserve the subtlety of the aromas. The berries are decanted and sorted by hand on vibrating stainless steel tables. The grapes are then gently crushed and filled into the tanks using satellite tanks. This process creates concentrated, full-bodied and fruity wines, all of which have won numerous awards.

Grape varieties and production

  • Grape varieties: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Petit Verdot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Nouvelle, Chenin Blanc, Sémillon and Muscat de Frontignan
  • Cultivated area: 50 ha
  • Production in tonnage: 400

contact details

  • Owner: Fortunato Mazzone, Nick van Huysteen
  • Winemaker: Daniela Jansen
  • Email: info@saronsberg.com
  • Phone: +27 (023) 230 0707

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